Current Resident – Elizabeth Storm

In Storm’s work she explores the framework of things. She is struck by the way Renaissance artists scientifically derived a visual language to mimic the three dimensional world of forms. Their optically correct perspective grid is what gave logic to their art. Within a system there are relationships between parts, proportions of size, shade, color, etc. The experimentation in art making is a result of modifying these variables within a system.
Storm is most interested in the lens through which the information of our tangible world is viewed; the vanishing point perspective system. The proportions of the perspective system are apparent in the perception of other sensory information like sound and most interestingly, the experience of space. By studying the techniques of visual representation, the system of representing a form through light, shade, color, and proportions on a 2-D plane, Storm has actively learned a way to perceive and understand information. In regarding that whole system as something to learn from, she has found her way to the richest wellspring of inspiration: nature.

Elizabeth Storm is an emerging artist raised and currently residing in West Orange, NJ. A view of New York City’s skyline from the hills of her home town has left Lizzy with a constant reminder of the visual information involved in understanding deep space and spatial relationships. While attending college as an undergraduate at Rhode Island School of Design, Elizabeth honed her skills in visual communication. A well of inspiration was opened through her investigation of geometric perspective drawing in conjunction with landscape. The resulting work bridges a gap between the realism of landscape and the abstract mathematics of geometry. She has returned home to New Jersey to exhibit in the art scene of Newark, NJ.

Check out Elizabeth Storm’s personal website!

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