Current Resident – Jay Wilson

What Jay Wilson offers is art, hope, and a sense that no one is alone. Healing-through-art is what he practices. Wilson’s intention is to continue to build up the youth in my community through service and love. He is known primarily as a fine artist with an extensive background in graffiti. Wilson’s work is known for showing the true challenges of living in New Jersey’s largest city; Newark.

Through Jay’s art he tells stories of whimsical irony, pensive despair, and playful joy. One of the main themes throughout Wilson’s work is that of the dispossessed youth. Who are they? Where are they? What are they doing? Wilson wants to tell their truth. Many of Wilson’s works are self-portraits of himself and his interactions with the world around him. Jay likes to think that he is using his own image as a portal whereby, Wilson aims to offer transcendence to the masses of voiceless youth who can’t or won’t be heard.

Check out Jay Wilson’s personal website!

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