Gallery Aferro Expansion

Gallery Aferro is working hard to expand the residency program and need your help to make it happen. Click here to visit our IndieGoGo Campaign and make a contribution.

We dream big: in 2014, we began an ambitious project to renovate two additional buildings adjacent to our current space into a single 90,000 sq ft cultural center, allowing us to have an even bigger, richer, and more lasting impact for our wonderful community. We believe in sharing ideas, sharing resources, and that everyone, every single person, should be able to have the arts in their lives and feel welcome at our space. Over the past 11 years, we’ve worked with hundreds of artists, welcomed thousands of visitors, and become an important part of our community.

The critical mass of many artists under one roof, and the consortium model we’ve created with our numerous partners and collaborators means that the project will be a beloved, iconic destination for youth, artists, families, and in short, everyone. The project includes numerous components: 60 artist studios, workshop/lab spaces for specific media like printmaking and commercial photo studio with a co-op, membership model, presenting spaces for visual arts and film, purpose-built educational space, fun retail like a cafe and an enlarged gift shop, and “flux spaces,” designated in response to strong community demand for flexible spaces that can be used for conferencing, hackathons, skillshare sessions, yoga and dance classes, staged readings and poetry slams, etc.

We have almost everything we need to make that happen- but we’re asking for your support for the remaining funding to open in 2015.

Visit our IndieGoGo campaign at: to learn more

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