The Migration

Hi Everyone!

I hope you all are fine and enjoying the incredible landscape that the snow is leaving us. Nancy and I would like to invite you to  the Ebony Society Light of the World Ceremony on February 19th 6 to 8 pm at:

The Arsenal Gallery /Central Park
830 Fifth Avenue at 64th Street, Third Floor

We have a new piece in this exhibition called The Migration: In the midst of tremendous upheaval—two world wars and the Great Depression—a vast movement of people, some six million African American descendants of the Antebellum South, fled the racial segregation and discrimination for northern and western U.S. cities. The “Great Migration,“ as it is commonly termed, caused a seismic societal demographic shift and left an indelible mark on the urbanization of America. Twenty-two artists share their interpretations of this historical epoch and its impact.

We are very honored to share with wonderful artists who’s work are so interesting and very meaningful, I hope you can join us, thank you!


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