Painter’s Bread (interview)

image:”231″, Ken Weathersby, 2014 (detail)

I recently did an interview about my paintings with the blog “Painter’s Bread”.
It’s always interesting to do interviews; I don’t really know what I’ll say about what I’m doing until I’m asked…

“PB: What I like about your paintings is the fact that so much consideration has been put into each one. There’s an optic buzz on the surface, but there’s also plenty of curiosity generated by the framework/support structure. Tell me about the aesthetic decision making that goes into your pieces.

KW: Well, I would say that each piece starts with some simple notion that comes from… not sure where, actually. There is a certain territory that I’ve been involved in for eight or nine years, to do with reshuffling the given parts of painting. By “given parts” I mean the wooden stretcher, the canvas or linen, the paint film, staples or hardware—the things paintings are generally made of. I’m always looking for a kind of de-stabilization of what those parts normally do. It’s a process of looking for a way to open up a space where I could work with the usual ingredients, but to different ends from what I think of as “regular painting.” …

see the whole interview here:

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