putting it all together

With early 2015 submission deadlines for opportunities for emerging artists rolling through this month, I’ve reorganized my artist website… here is a selection

triptych sourcesaddlesinkSource, Saddle, Sink

charcoal on paper, triptych 36” x 36” each, 2014

“The inspiration from these pieces comes directly from example diagrams of Wolfram Mathematica computational software. These plots of vector fields, or streamline plots, show general examples of a “source”, “saddle”, and “sink” within a field.

The series title, “Ordinary Differential Equations,” describes another point of inspiration as this type of visualization is often the easiest way to determine some general information about a normally-complex ordinary differential equation, the equations that describe natural systems such as fluids, weather, or particles.

I am aware that natural phenomena can be described by mathematics, and I am fascinated by the translation and metamorphosis of information in a system for visualization such as streamline plots. I am also aware that mathematicians use these systems, as well as non-visual systems, calculus, differential equations, analysis, etc., to manipulate information in pursuit of a different point of view. I am amazed by these ingenious systems for interpreting and manipulating information. This work is a celebration of scientific pursuit, connecting the STEM community to art, and connecting the viewer to science.”

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