Photography as Community

Working with young women at Isaiah House in East Orange, I am encouraging them to capture visually their everyday world, to take part in each other’s project, and to engage and perhaps think more deeply about the spaces they inhabit and the people with which they surround themselves. As most people nowadays are so accustomed to the photographic image and self-representation through it, I thought that the qualities of a disposable camera, that is, highly variable, without immediate gratification, and the outcome somewhat up to chance- a bit like life itself- would be a fitting diving-in tool for consciously made yet informal documentation.

These are some of the results.

(Above, Kadhija)

Kadijha, cont.



katrinaportrait katrinadoorkatrinaschild


joysha4by6  joyshapitbull


aaliyaribed1  aaliyaribed2  aaliyaribed3




desireewithchild2  desireewithchild

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