golgotha tenement blues by Philomena Famulok

“Golgotha Tenement Blues” – Philomena Famulok

Intern Life: First Day Jitters

Gazing through those double glass doors was almost as complicated as deciding what dressing to use on a Subway sandwich. Some people have it set in stone, and written across their hearts, the response “Honey mustard” sliding off their tongues like water from a leaf on a rainy day, but I did not. I stood at the gallery entrance, with my feet firmly planted on the rough asphalt ground. My eyes scanned the slick, and bold black letters painted across the doors, observing their most intricate details as they spelled out the words ‘Gallery Aferro’ on one door, and ‘Aferro Studios’ on the other. As the intensity of my concentrated gaze elevated, so did the churning of my tummy. I felt the surrounding scaffolding’s close in over my head, their poles threatening to collapse on me at any moment in time. I could no longer take another moment of this nerve-racking encounter with anxiety. But just as I was ready to turn around, make my way back home, and subside this feeling, I noticed a subtle movement through the corner of my eye. It was a tall, pale skinned, female figure emerging from the back of the art gallery. My gaze practically penetrated the glass as I observed the person walk towards me. I could no longer turn back.

My fingers trembled, palms sweat, and heart palpitated.

The lock on the doors unlatched.

“Hi, I’m Emma,” the woman said. The corners of her lips curved into a smile as she pulled open one of the glass doors. “You must be the new intern.” Emma extended her hand towards me.

I stretched my right hand out, and planted a firm handshake on Emma’s.

The smile on Emmas face, and optimism in her eyes convinced me that maybe, just maybe, I too will one day declare the words “Honey mustard” without hesitation.

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