The Connection

“Earth without Art is just Eh.” – Banksy

As the technology all around us continues to advance, many people have been becoming more desensitized. It seems as though we are all struggling to achieve a balance in this world of duality and slowly relying more on tech to get through our day.

This isn’t to say that I am anti-tech. I am all for the evolving and improvements. However, while there seems to be more data taking over our daily lives, it is taking a toll on our emotion and mental health.

It’s all connected.

HEALTH: For health, many people turn to medication and instant relief from pain.

MENTAL: For mental, many people turn to technology to take their minds off of their emotions.

EMOTIONAL: People tend to gravitate to things that will take their minds off their emotions.

Every human craves to be understood and accepted for the way they are. However, in a society where the majority is constantly seeking approval to be accepted and validated, it has become like a black hole.

This is where art comes into play.

Artists have the courage to express their truth and showcase it to the world.

Whether it is through the fine arts, photography, design & music – Art brings people together and has healing powers.

Everything in this universe is art and everything is connected. From the way the birds fly in the air to the way the river flows through a creek. From the way a composition is formed to the way a violinist plays her instrument. From the way a person places small objects on a table for a mini photoshoot to a full on photo production.



To be continued… 











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