Besides being influenced by important figures through art history, it is well valid to celebrate and admire a fellow artist in residence like Gilbert Hsiao. Nancy and I had the opportunity to be at the opening reception of “Interferences, Contemporary Op and Kinetic Art” atGR Gallery, a group exhibition featuring Gilbert’s work through April 16th.
Gilbert has a long career mastering the universe of Op and Kinetic art. The three of us shared admiration to Venezuelan artist Carlos Cruz-Diez a pioneer in the kinetic art movement.  While living in the digital era where geometry and repetition are so overused. It is not easy to create a body of work that is so deep and unique as Gilbert’s. His art transcends the mundane manipulation of shapes, lines, and planes. Gilbert creates pieces of art that combine a visual and physical experience of elegance, meditation, balance, quietness, and of course movement. In black and white or color, either of, each piece has a particular strength, a tension that hypnotizes your gaze. The singular energy that produces Gilbert’s work drive us to the exquisite dimension of the sublime.

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