From Rope to Glass

I recently worked with Jamie Blake at GlassRoots on a small-scale casting experiment. Often when I cast, I like to explore different colors combinations and layer them in different ways to see what I can discover. Jamie is always great at making suggestions and helping me through the process. This time was no different. From knot, to wax, to rubber, back to wax, to plaster/silica mold, into the kiln, then into the coldworking grinder, I always learn a lot every time I work with glass.

Starting with a simple knotted rope, followed by a negative rubber mold, then dozens of solid wax knots:


The wax is covered in plaster silica molds, and the wax is burned out. The hollow cavities are filled with glass powder and carefully set into the kiln. Here I am experimenting with layering opaque glass powder in different ways:


The process has yielded interesting and varied results. Some of the knots show signs of devitrification which is a crystallization that can be seen on the surface of the glass. It sometimes occurs when the annealing process is to slow. In this instance, I think it works visually with the small pieces. It is fun to compare the different pieces to each other and relate the variables.


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