Artifact or Evidence

Artifact or Evidence ? #4 2016 mixed mediums 36"x36"x1" $5,000. 1673Artist/activist Anne Dushanko Dobek is best known for her large and often immersive installations referencing issues of social justice and human rights.

Artifacts or Evidence? her latest series examines the courage and concerns of women as they try to focus on their futures while navigating increasingly dangerous environments. Designed as a constantly changing stream of conscious narrative, Dushanko Dobek’s wall installations suggest the fears, anxieties and humiliations of too many woman and girls. The artist selects objects from an extensive personal library of her mixed media works. In relative isolation they evoke whispers of past abuses, insults and threats, threads of nightmares and memories all of which women are reconciling  as they forge  paths to a better future for themselves and their daughters.

In Artifact or Evidence IV, a painted assemblage, the artist uses scraps of seam binding tape to create dimensional wounds similar to other constructed images found in SILENT VOICES. The latter is a decades long series of projects which address those whose voices are being  muted by political and/or social constraints.

Artifact or Evidence IV, was selected for the exhibition Women in the World, February 1 – March 28 in The Pollack Gallery at Monmouth University. This was one of three exhibitions curated by Gladys Grauer and Adrienne Wheeler which took a broad look at the struggles and triumphs experienced by women globally.

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