Time after time, day after day, the Republican Congress gets out another battering ram to initiate another attempt at knocking down the ACA. Nothing gets accomplished on the surface. There has been a long, long stalemate in Washington, one wonders why they Senators and Representatives are there. Is this what Democracy (even Representative Democracy) looks like? Or is this the ultimate shell game. We re bombarded by and worry about issues that are too big for Congress to change while small bricks that uphold our freedoms are removed one by one.


Thanks to Patrica Dahlman for all the work she has put in for over six months to keep fellow artists alerted to opportunities to use their voice against the destruction of the Democratic structure of the United States. Trump and his cohort are attempting and on some levels succeeding in its demise. Their replacement is Oligarchy, a group of feudal states for the benefit of the 2%.

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