Exploring the Flat Files: Aferro

aferro flat file1728 copyAnother flat file drawer… this one at my Aferro studio. Here I store much of my research materials. Books, maps, internet notes and innumerable clippings from The New York Times collected over the years. In each instance there is a similar narrative: the perilous journeys of migrants, immigrants and refugees as they travel the the world in search of safety and sanctuary. Many of these resources are suggested or sent to me by librarians, my favorite bookstore in Clinton, NJ and friends around the world. Each contributes to the depth and scope of the work.

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In Parallel Migrations XXI I am still using my signature image of Monarch butterflies in part of the installation however I am a developing a monoprint print series in which the maps of different events are obliquely suggested in the background. The maps and stories of the camps outside Calais as well as that of Afghanistan can be seen in several of these images. All were integral to creating the print below… background drawn on plexi, inked silhouettes placed on top of drawing then uninked netting stretched across whole. Run through press.

Kabul-41 copy 2




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