Hit Parader

Gilbert Hsiao_Hester_2132

Hit Parade is an interactive installation consisting of approximately 100 records of various sizes painted in fluorescent colors and 3 constantly revolving Technics 1200 dj turntables. The room is dark; it is painted black and is lit only by three hidden ultraviolet lights and the glow produced by the painted records. The records do not play; for sound 9 Beet Stretch, Beethoven’s 9th Symphony stretched out 24 hours and pitch corrected, a piece by Scandinavian composer/artist Leif Inge, is piped into the room.

IMG_1092(photo: Ariane Roesch)

The painting on the records are designed be interchangeable at the discretion of the viewing audience that is invited to handle the work. Since there are three different sizes to the differing record formats (33 1/3 record albums are 12 inches in diameter, 78 rpm records are 10 inches, and 45 rpm singles are 7 inches), they can be stacked with 1, 2 or 3 records visible at a time. There are several distinct design groups based on dividing the circular form of the records into halves, thirds or sixths.

Viewers have the power and potential to control virtually the entire appearance of the installation. The appearance includes not only what is left spinning on the turntables, but the piles of the unused records that are left to the sides.

This installation was first exhibited at Contemporary Arts Museum Houston as part “Unusual Iterations of the Abstract” curated by Bill Arning in 2013. It was later shown at Parallel Arts Space in Bushwick, NY in 2014, and then as part of the First Coat Festival in Toowoomba, Australia in 2016. This year, it will travel to Berlin to be shown at  dr julius | ap.

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