I stand in the near empty studio. The last of my things had been moved out of this old studio and into my new studio at Aferro.  Only an old projector and dvd player remain.  I had been using them to resuscitate a project of years ago. I bend down to turn the antiquated machinery on, knocking over a glass bottle whose clanking echoes in the hollowed-out room.

The blue light of the projector’s warm-up screen lights the corner of the room where a sheet of mylar hangs floor to ceiling — a final remnant of materials I had moved to Aferro for a new project. The projector’s light bounces off the reflective mylar and the white wall perpendicular to it.  Waving in the slightest breeze, the mylar reflects and distorts the blue glow illuminating the rest of the room, even as the flat, unmoving wall displays a steady blue image.  I read the projector’s message, “source disconnected,” on the stable and sturdy wall — and then watch it break apart into incomprehensible fragments when it hits the mylar.  “Beautiful,” I think.  I search through my old video work and find the piece below.  It startles me for a minute — how so thoroughly a video created in a different time and place takes up residence in this space, emptied now for my move to Aferro.  Quietly projecting, to be continued…

Work in progress

Video Installation still

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