Seeing ourselves through portraiture and sculpture


The different experiences we have gone through inevitably shows in our behavior and our physical appearance. Nowadays when someone takes your picture you can either hide those experiences and put up a facade. The work of Even Penny has inspired me to see the human experience through photography and sculpture differently.  I always thought the two mediums had to be separate and couldn’t successfully be joined together. For the last several months, I have been working towards creating a work that speaks to the marring of the two mediums. This new endeavor has been met with great challenges; challenges that I think with time will disappear. Similar to the attached images, my goal is to make portraits that read as both photographs and sculptures. I am interested in the way we see ourselves through photography and how that has changed since the beginning of its creation. As humans we can have a lot control in the way we look and what the camera picks up regarding our imperfections. I have always been inspired by portraits where every imperfection seeps through. I think it is within those imperfections the viewer can see the beauty of the human experience.

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