Sharing Gallery Aferro’s World

This summer I had the opportunity of working at Gallery Aferro as an arts administrative assistant and studio intern for sculptor Tasha Lewis. As a painting major currently studying at the Maryland Institute College of Art, I was interested in foraying into the art gallery world and participating in the back-end operations of putting together a show.

Gallery Aferro provided a community of hard working artists and art lovers. Working at a non-profit artists space and gallery was definitely hectic at times, between preparing our massive once-a-year benefit art auction and installing Share My World the literal day before the reception, but the experience has been hands-on and rewarding. Interning here demystified a lot of the workings of art preparation and administration, with Gallery Aferro valuing honesty, resourcefulness, and the DIY mentality.

Tasha Lewis Documenting

The same could be said for my time working alongside sculptor Tasha Lewis. Tasha creates wonderfully detailed fabric covered sculptures of female figures and Greek vases, which she casts then dyes herself. I helped Tasha cast several vases, bead wire, document work, and prepare for her upcoming show at Philly Magic Gardens. Tasha was open and forthcoming about teaching me her process and answering my questions about transitioning out of college, securing art studios, finding exhibition opportunities, and networking.

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