RENT a fence detail DSC02148 copy

 What are we doing when RENT-A- FENCE is the new growth industry? 
 Border fences,detention center fences,deterrent fences, and now:
 fenced cages for children! REALLY!!! How did we get to this place?

And where are their parents? Deported? In a detention center? When, 
how will they be reunited? As a parent on Facebook commented:"Took my 
child to Chuckee Cheese and as we entered each of us had a matching 
number stamped on our hand so if we got we could be reunited." 

Hmmm! Not exactly rocket not separate children from parent 
until they have been entered into even the most rudimentary database.
 How did we allow children to become collateral damage in this ill- 
conceived plan to "protect" our borders? 
families cages 2683
Thousands of children even when they are released are not safe, easily
ending  up in the cross hairs of traffickers. Which government agency is 
going to accept responsibility for the ongoing safety of these
wire boys 2692
wire girls 2688


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