Making a Practice


I became a resident at Aferro Studios in Autumn 2018. I am concentrating on folding disparate creative energies and projects into this one place. The studio and the city of Newark have become where I now develop and produce a wide ranging list of processes and works that mostly amount to one thing, if it had to be named. It would be what I think of as the new location of my Practice.

That’s a snooty word but it fits, for here it is not just a noun but a verb too. For so long most of my interests have not been able to coexist side by side. I have had to rearrange my physical and mental spaces to accommodate furniture making, painting, sculpting and more in order to make the work. I have been limited by my workspace and unable to rotate projects effectively.

Now here so far I’ve not just been making a wider range of work, the space has created room for more substantive thinking about the work itself. The city is being walked and cycled. Collections are being unpacked and arranged. Paintings can be cut and pasted, then blanketed but remain viewable. A large-scale sculptural process was conceived simultaneously, while screen prints were hatched and picture frames produced. This all seems like practice.

Aferro and Newark fit into my practice and my practice seems to be a good fit for these locations. The photo collage I use to illustrate this tells the story.

When will the warming up end and where will this practice take me? It remains to be seen but coming into focus are several projects that require a continuity of the space, community and commitment I have found here.

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