WHERE ARE THEY GOING?  Jan 18, 2019 Thousands of children in Texas separated from their parents? Florida? You got it. Conditions are less than optimal in this Texas facility so the government is sending them to a “temporary”, temporary detention center in across the country.
How and when will their parents find out where their children are? who knows.

Will they still be  sleeping in cages? on cement “floors”?

cages 4 kids 3883

Jeff Merkley at McAllen Border Station….” I did see people,hundreds of children locked up in cages there at that facility .. they have big cages made out of fencing . Its just a concrete floor and people being given these blankets to sleep on, Now a space blanket is a very thin piece of ——the equivalent of foil. And so, obviously, a very uncomfortable situation to be in.”



So this a preview of  my latest installation in the PARALLEL MIGRATIONS SERIES . It is an ongoing works in progress, size and scale to be determined. As you may already know all of my work for the past twenty years has and continues to deal with social justice/ environmental issues. The New York Times is the original source material material augmented by similar stories in major publications both nationally and internationally.

rent c4k-1_edited-2


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