film / palimpsest 2


At 6am I was awake but not that far from dreaming (though I had already had a run). A novel creative action involuntarily appeared in my mind. It was a return to something done before, but happening in a new way. This thought existed in a reality alternate to real conditions, a bubble apart from and completely impossible because of practical facts. This made it float free like a daydream. It was a little movie and I passively watched while something in my mind created it. No pressures or expectations were or could ever be attached. Then a curtain parted as I realized that this possibility was not contrary to actual conditions. The fully-formed idea passed through (like La Belle in Cocteau’s “La Belle et La Bette” magically appearing through her father’s wall) into the world of the plausibly actual. It was a tiny moment in half-conscious thought that could have soon been forgotten, yet that kind of exciting moment is everything.

–Ken Weathersby

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