Etsakor (Nigeria) Highlife

In November, 2018 I visited a friend who runs the excellent website Highlife Turntable. While he listens to many varieties of highlife from Nigeria, it was the highlife was the Etsakor region of Nigeria in Edo state that struck me the most. Since then I’ve been trying to track down the music from this region of the 70s and 80s. Here is a sample of that music, and below are some covers of albums I have managed to find. It is addictive, repetitive music, commonly using only two chords in a minor key with mournful and very spontaneous sounding vocals. If music can be a source of inspiration for the visual arts, then this music has inspired mine.WWS 2Unity Band of Iuleha V 4Chief I I Ayeni 1Akwemi Dance BandAirbor Bello 006Unity Band 011Queen Orete V 6

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