Creating platforms

In April 2019 I had the opportunity to work with Caren Choi, Newark Express and the Paul Robeson Gallery to create a platform bringing together strong female artists to tell their stories to the public. “Females Occupying Space”, I envisioned a multi happening in an environment where the public could have access to and access to the powerful female artists taking over space. After a year of trying to figure everything out and after Caren had written a grant for the project, we were ready to roll. We received a grant from third space grant to move forward and Females Occupying Space happened April 26th at the Hahne Building. 4 amazing artists took over the space, performance artist Ayana Evans, Artists Dominique Duroseau, Mary Valverde and myself, Lisette Morel. Simultaneously but in different areas of the building we disrupted the public space. We ended with an artist talk. It was a fascinating night sharing it with these talented artists. I believe that these platforms are incredibly important and that there should more. I want to create more of these platforms!

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