Full of Inspiration

            My internship here at Gallery Aferro has taught me a lot about art and the process behind how all of it comes to the public. As an independent artist with little to no knowledge of business portion of art, I learned that it is not as easy as other people lead you to believe, but it isn’t hard so long as you have the right people to back you up when you need them. While here, I met with some of the nicest and most supportive people and they always have a way to make the day seem just a little brighter. 

            I am an Animation major from Bloomfield College, and am always looking for inspiration. Gallery Aferro does not lack inspiration in the slightest. The quality of works that I have seen here from numerous people always catches my attention in the most unique ways. From the abstract to the very realistic works, every piece that comes through always inspires me and taps into my imagination, making me want to do more. I had a blast working here alongside other artists who share a similar passion for creativity. Sharing perspectives and letting your imagination flow is one of Aferros specialties.

            My time here was mostly working behind the scenes, such as getting things organized, editing photos and recording data. But every time I work, I am constantly seeing new works from various people, and each time I do, it makes me motivated to keep working harder. 

Thanks Gallery Aferro,

-Joseph Calello, Data Archivist Intern

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