Artist in the Forest: Parallel Migrations

Another year, another forest, another journey: How many thousands of butterflies will it take to lead people through the pathways at Lake Larson? Parallel Migrations XXV is a work in progress. Still printing, still cutting, still gluing a new generation of butterflies to use as trail markers. Further updates to come…

Lake Lawson/Lake Smith one of many inlets..always a delight: Snowy Ggrets, Great Blue Herons, frogs and innumerable swallowtail and buckeye butterflies flitting among the trees.

Opening 11am on August 24, Lake Lawson

How tall are those trees/ How varied their bark? Lots of vines, and poison ivy. Rachel and Kevin were with me daily helping to move the ladders and other supplies out to the last installation site. Every time we installed another butterfly cluster we, and the ladder and supplies had to move. Up the ladder, down the ladder, attach , photograph, down the ladder. Repeat, repeat, repeat dozens of times a day. Did I mention the temperature was 90 degrees?

As we

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