n. p. 8

n. p. 8, 2020, oak, maple, basswood, acrylic on canvas

The capgras delusion:
Caused by loss of connection between visual recognition and emotional response centers in the brain. Upon seeing a loved one, you recognize the face but don’t feel the emotion that should come with that recognition. The experience is one of meeting someone who looks and acts the same, knows all the things they would know, but is nevertheless an impostor.

This effect, but applied broadly to the world, or at least to human structures on the biggest scale, to cultures:
It looks like the world we knew, but it is not. The change is essential and huge. What was before is alien now, or just gone. It has been replaced by something seemingly identical, but unmistakably void of certain feelings we always took for granted, of resonances that, in the past, were always there (yet so basic that we never even bothered to notice them.)

–Ken Weathersby

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