Glimpse: Appreciating the works of Justin Francesco

A page from Justin Francesco’s Sketchbook displayed at Gallery Aferro’s Glimpse sketchbook exhibition.
You can find more work by Justin on Instagram: @justin_francesco_arts

I will be posting photos of works currently installed in the ‘Glimpse’ Sketchbook Exhibition as an ongoing experimental online project.

I took some photos with my phone of the glimpse sketchbook exhibition because I was moved by them and enjoy them very much, here I wanted to talk about this specific drawing by Justin Francesco.

I really love this drawing, Justin’s work uses a wide range of color and density to display faces in an almost chaotic and clustered way.

16 faces rest upon a single set of shoulders, conveying different emotions, and all the different ways a person can express themselves.

The colors blend and mold into each other, and at the same time are exploding off the page. 

I see so much happening and yet it is calming and reassuring that somehow, I know I can relate to this, that I have felt a cluster of emotions, that I have witnessed chaotic sea of faces and expressions in my everyday life.

I always look at Justin’s work, and think to myself, “I recognize these faces, I’ve felt these emotions before”

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