Glimpse: A look into the ‘mom life’ of Caren King Choi

A page from Caren King Choi’s Sketchbook, displayed at Gallery Aferro’s ‘Glimpse’ Sketchbook exhibition.
You can find more artwork by Caren on Instagram: @Cawen_K_Chois

“This work by Caren King Choi is truly a fun wonder, I really love the cartoon style and esthetic used in her work.

Being able to see the different sketches of getting the pose of the characters correct, the different facial expressions, and the different use of everyday activities happening around these characters is a fun look into the process of Caren’s work.

In these sketches, you see that the child is the main focus.
The child is literally crawling all over the place, and this gives me the sense that the child is at the center of everything happening in the sketches , and in the life of Caren.

This feels like a personal in-depth look into what it is like being a parent, and she expresses it in a satirical way to show how meaningful it is to be a parent for her, but also how consuming and demanding it can be.

And in the end of it all, you know the child is loved beyond all measure, and it makes me happy to see this happen on paper in such a cartoonish way.”

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