MARLON II – Order Of The Day

Jesse Wright, MARLON II – Order Of The Day, (in progress), sharpie, acrylic, posters, paper, paint label on paper. 18” x 24”

“You know Jamaica… why build a straight road when we can waste gas?” She said it as a cast off phrase through the phone. We’re at an oasis atop a mountain above the Negril beaches between which an impossible labyrinth of questionable concrete, foliage and stray dogs must be traversed. Wooden shutters, wooden everything, tall palms, distant bass, scrambling gecko, fish tea. Marlon, eyes of gentle smiling wisdom, is the ambassador of no such intricate foolishness. Early hours, he maintained, was the best time of day for tilling soil both actual and spiritual, separating weeds from stone, appreciation of land, life and promising expectation in a multitude of blossom, heat, service and light.


-Jesse Wright, @sunday.rebel

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