Michelle Made It To The Elders Table (in progress)

Jesse Wright, Michelle Made It To The Elders Table (in progress), acrylic, posters, paper, paint labels on wood. 8’ x 4’, from “No Rule, Multiply Alpha”. A series in progress. A thesis refined.

Recently the KJV Bible was translated into patios (Jamaican vernacular).  It’s providential timing. This series documents narratives found in the Jamaican side of my family communicated stylistically in their color and vibrancy while simultaneously serving as allegory for biblical scripture. Here my sister is finally welcomed with a seat at the Elders table during a funeral/life celebration. Although referencing “The Last Supper”, here the sacramental elements are replaced by traditional Jamaican foods such as ackee, callaloo and saltfish. The central position, often held by a figure associated with sacrifice and service in common depictions, is my Aunt rendered in the colors of the Jamaican flag. Likewise, we consider Jamaica’s position within global social, economical and political constructs. Additional inspiration and choice of words included can be found in the work of Jamaican sign painters including Kemel Leeford Rankine.



-Jesse Wright @sunday.rebel

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