A Conversation with JOSEPH O’NEAL

Engaging artists in conversation is something we’re always trying to do at Gallery Aferro, after all our building houses twenty or so artist studios, including my own. This video chat was recorded early April 2020, and at this time governances and best practices evolving due to the spread of COVID-19 require us to practice social distancing. Gallery Aferro decided to temporarily close its doors to the public, deciding instead to engage our audience online.

With our current show “Glimpse” as a starting point, we the folks at Gallery Aferro sought to reach out to artists featured in that show and talk to them. Joseph O’Neal is an artist and friend working in Easton, PA. His work, although not representational, is leagues beyond in the evocative department, seemingly marrying abstract painting and text to unprecedented results.

We got to talking about what inspires the art he makes, his beginnings as a skateboarder, and his current studio set-up.

– Juno Zago

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