A Conversation with JReadtheGrim

In April, Newark’s own JReadtheGrim, poet, musician, rapper, producer and multimedia artist, sat down with Aferro’s Gallery Manager to chat about his present work, his past journeys, and his future plans. Despite the Covid-19 quarantine, JRead hasn’t found the restrictions difficult to cope with. Instead, he’s using the opportunity to focus on his projects that have been in the works for a while.

Always genuine and thought-provoking, he also offers words on tackling stage fright, a few ways the Newark community could improve the relationship between performing artists and visual artists, and following your purpose. So if you’ve ever wondered how one of the hosts of the popular People’s Open Mic monthly poetry events got his start, got his name and got his flow, check him out in this exclusive interview with Gallery Aferro.

And when you’re finished, give JRead a follow on his social media channels on Instagram, Soundcloud, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and his official website, www.HiCalLife.com.

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