A Conversation with IKE ESSILFIE-OBENG

Engaging artists in conversation is something we’re always trying to do at Gallery Aferro. This video chat was recorded on May 8, 2020, and at this time governances evolving due to the spread of COVID-19 require us to practice social distancing. Gallery Aferro decided to temporarily close its doors to the public, deciding instead to engage our audience online.

With our current show “Glimpse” as a starting point, we the folks at Gallery Aferro reached out to many artists featured in that show and talked to them. Eventually we decided to expand the conversation and cast a wider net! Several of the artists featured in glimpse have been former Gallery Aferro interns who’ve gone on to continue evolving their art practice. Ike Essilfie-Obeng is one such guy! He was an intern with us during the fall of 2018 and we chatted about life during the quarantine, the kinds of life endeavors that we had to hit pause, and we also talked about art in the social media age!

See more of Ike’s art on Instagram and follow him at @namethisgallerylater. ■

– Juno Zago

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