Collateral Damage IV

The above image was the postcard for Collateral Damage IV, one of an ongoing series of installations referencing the plight of the thousands of children who were separated from their parents at our borders. Despite laws to the contrary the children have been languishing indefinitely in border detention centers. There is a cruel irony that they are given only foil blankets for warmth. The label on the package below only confirms the contempt that ICE is demonstrating . Truly surreal.

All of the foil blankets with which I covered the cement floors of Collateral Damage III were repurposed for the 25 foot wall: Collateral Damage IV. The latter was the initial work at he entrance to the juried show at the 14C Art Fair in Jersey City NJ February 2020.

Cascading down the walls, the dozens of crumpled blankets reflect not only ambient light but also the faces of the viewer. Shiny and initially visually alluring , the wall soon presents the viewer with an array of photographs. Arresting but scary, each photo is evidence of a child’s presence. Bits and pieces of clothing, shoes, toys and assorted apparel beg the question, artifact or evidence.? Where is the child who left these behind?

All of the objects used in these installations have been donated by parents, children, friends and colleagues who find it both repellent and painful to even conceive of children living in cages. Where we are now.

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