My Internship

My internship at Gallery Aferro was a fun and meaningful experience. I honestly wish I had more time to continue the work I started here. I think most people are reasonably afraid to start their first internship, because you don’t really know what your supervisors will be like, or if your ideas will matter to them. My fears quickly melted away after one meeting, as I was listened to and taken seriously by the Gallery Aferro team. Although it’s hard to connect through telecommunication, I felt a genuine connection here and was excited to work.

I helped partially with the launch of Gladys Barker Grauer’s website, and initiated the creation of another artist’s site as well. Before my internship, I had been thinking about artists’ longevity and posthumous record-keeping. Who will remember us? How will they choose to remember? Will someone care with gentleness? My internship showed me that there are always people who care about the life and work of someone. I was reminded by the team how important it is to maintain someone’s legacy. It’s comforting to know that people are dedicated to keeping archives alive past someone’s lifetime. Art goes beyond the time it was created and can touch us for years to come, and I sincerely believe online sources are the future of keeping people’s works alive and widely accessible.

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