Special Edition Books

Studies in Brotherly Love, 2021

While COVID-19 shut downs persisted and my access to facilities for printing and binding were limited, I turned my Aferro studio into a production space. This project manifested as a limited edition of 60 artist books made by hand and took several months to complete.

Studies in Brotherly Love is a collection of four poets responding to the art of Malcolm Corley, who at the age of three, was diagnosed with autism. In this special edition book, poets and disability activists Lateef McLeod and DJ Savarese, Jorrell Watkins and Claretta Holsey respond to Malcolm’s art.

On the front and back covers, I’ve translated Malcolm’s Self-Portrait and reproduced the image as a gold screen print on deep blue bookcloth. The image is printed nearly life-size. HIs portrait is split – One portion of his face in the light on the front cover, and the shadow side continues onto the back cover. When the reader opens/enters the book, it is a bit like peering within his mind… ( A side-note here is that I have actually never met Malcom or any of the other artists involved in-person. This project was a unique way to connect and collaborate with a diverse group of creatives during the pandemic.)

The interior book covers are screen printed with a version of Malcolm’s “leaves” drawing – gold ink on burgundy linen paper interiors. It is a 4 hole stab-binding with bright red nylon string.

The collaborative ekphrastic artist book can be purchased through Prompt Press. Do enjoy!

60 Hand bound books by Jaz Graf

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