Re: Early Art Impressions

My first memories of discovering or relating to art are all familial, and they are all of paintings as well. Interestingly enough they are all from matriarchal homes too. My aunt who is my mom’s oldest sister displayed her paintings in her living room, salon-style. Tia Terezinha painted very stylized and surrealistic sceneries. I think I remember trees, jaguars, and birds. Only a picture will tell the real tale, but I remember her living room was teeming with imagination. I asked her to send me pictures of the paintings in her house, she kindly sent me photos of as many of them as possible.

My aunt who is my father’s oldest sister also had art displayed in her house, but her husband’s. Tio Mario was an oil painter, and he had very classic, academic work displayed in key walls around his house. The most striking one, that all the cousins were either secretly afraid of was that of a sad clown painted on a dark background. My older sister says it always spooked her – I was interested in it and how thick the impasto was on that painting. I was intrigued by the way it looked like a clown from down the hall and a lot of paint up close. The paintings below aren’t his, but they match the vibe of the clown he painted.

My father’s mother, my grandmother, Vó Linda, was also a painter. To what degree of academic training I’m not sure, but she had loads of classical landscapes on her hallway walls. Delicate paintings of delicate flower fields. Yellow and pink flowers seemed to be her favorite to paint. She was always an immensely creative and art-minded woman. She created art plates, had a collection of duck statuettes and her house was always very specifically decorated. Rooms with shelves had shelf-displays, hallways housed paintings, the dining room had tiles and a built-in china cabinet. Her house was also inspiring and creative.