Early Impressions: George Morrison

  My parents weren’t art collectors but in the 60’s they were given as gifts from organizations, three works on paper by the artist, George Morrison. As a young teenager these works were the first real, abstract art works that I viewed on a daily basis hanging in my parent’s house. I later learned Morrison was Ojibwe, a Native American artist and was born and died in Minnesota 1919-2000. Morrison had spent time in Dayton, Ohio where my family lived and he taught at Dayton Art Institute. Morrison is not a particularly well known artist in the art world although he is a well known in Minnesota where a large collection of his art work exists.

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/George_Morrison_(artist)   For an 1 hour video on Morrison go here https://www.pbs.org/video/tpt-co-productions-art-and-life-george-morrison-beyond-book-special/

Before my parents died I asked them to give Michael (my husband) and I the Morrison drawings and that we would take care of the art work and try to get the work into museums. So for a few years Mike and I have had these Morrison drawings. 

Right before the pandemic we saw a large painting by Morrison exhibited at the Whitney Museum here in NYC. During the pandemic we sent jpgs of the work that we had to the Whitney and followed their directions on their website as to how to go about donating art work to the museum. The Whitney stated that if you don’t hear back from them they aren’t interested in receiving the work. Two and a half months went by and we didn’t hear back from them so we decided to ask Minneapolis Institute of Art if they were interested in having these drawings. We heard back from them right away and they said yes. Meanwhile a couple days later we heard from the Whitney saying they were interested in seeing the work. We decided to go with Minneapolis Institute of Art (MIA.) Oddly enough lately the USPS has made stamps of Morrison’s artwork that will come out this Spring https://www.mprnews.org/story/2021/11/16/renowned-minnesota-native-artist-george-morrison-to-be-honored-with-new-stamp

Still it has been a long process working with MIA. A couple of months ago MIA’s art shipper picked up the work. This past week we received information from MIA, saying the three works are now part of their permanent collection. 

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