Inclusive, Anti-Racist, Sex Positive, Pleasure Focused

Masakhane Center is a youth-driven organization that provides community based sexuality education in and around Newark, NJ. They use an anti-racist, pro-queer, and pro-trans approach to provide healthy, positive outlooks on sex and sexuality through a variety of interactive sexual education programs.

Masakhane is a Xhosa word that means “let’s build ourselves, for ourselves, together”. The organization wants to make sex education a community experience by bringing it to young people, as well as adults. They provide workshops in schools, youth organizations, shelters, parent groups, and lots of other places.

Our Internships

Masakhane Center also provides internship opportunities for those interested to work with their youth programs. Sexuality Educator Interns receive training in workshop facilitation and all the sexuality education topics they offer.

The main responsibilities of Sexuality Educator Interns include facilitation of youth workshops plus creating and executing a significant project that utilizes their skills and align with Masakhane’s needs.

Here are some things our interns have created:

Our Programs

The workshops cover a wide variety of topics. Each topic lessons entails a set of activities, games, and discussions that are tailored to fit the needs and knowledge of each workshop group. Participants are also provided with community and online resources. Below are just a few of the topics workshops can cover:

  • Attraction & Orientation
  • Birth Control
  • Body Basics
  • First Time Sex
  • Gender
  • Menstrual Wellness
  • Pregnancy & Birth
  • Reproductive Justice
  • Relationship Communication
  • Unsupportive & Abusive Relationships

My Body is Beautiful activity with middle school youth in Newark.
Real Sex Ed Is…

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