Grass got Greener

The grass got greener on this side them n****’s lied more fake n****’s multiplied. And I can see it in their eyes they’re all clones. Then I left children in my garden, they tried to steal the fruits of my labor. Foolish me I left the gate open this land was not mine. What can I really safeguard if not time? The path to my purity was marked with infidelity and jealousy, but that doesn’t excuse all my f***boy tendencies. Accountability starts right here not outside n****. I keep my eyes stretched wide. The price of abundance was laced with responsibility and at times I didn’t have the ability to keep up. My hands were on my knees, and I was asking for a breather. I always paged God because he always kept a beeper. Sword on my side to slay all the demons that tried to creep up. I pray in the Lord’s protection is where he forever keeps us.

Grass got Greener, 2022

Any time you pour time or energy back into yourself it is an act of soft or hard love. Soft or hard love is an act of heroism. The summer consisted of long days and even longer nights. I guess when you set your eyes on a goal every second you spend chasing it gets dragged out until its unbearable. The time that elapsed taught me about patience and during the summer I learned that patience is more than just waiting for something to happen. It is more about how we conduct ourselves while we wait. Do we abandon the principles that we live by? Do we search for shortcuts? Or do we find ways to refocus our energy, sharpen some old tools, and unlearn some bad habits. When faced with an unforeseen obstacle how do we react?

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