Clothes with Character

A little over nine months ago I started collecting garments of all sorts. When I first started it was an easy, lighthearted way to pass time. I could go alone, with friends, and family. It soon became an experiment where I would start picking out clothes that resonated with me and test driving them around the neighborhood as a way to connect with them. Each article of clothing has its own history so I challenged myself to find different ways to bring out their personalities. I do my best to work with recycled materials and local businesses.

The scout

Working with garments that been worn help me reduce my footprint on this earth. I like the idea of not starting from scratch, and it’s not because I can’t see myself building a garment from scratch.

X JACKET. 2022
Frequency Jacket. 2022 (front)
Frequency jacket. 2022 (back)

When I’m further down the line I would love to experiment more with more garments and even create some of my own from beginning to end. Even though I’m eager to learn every step of the process I’ve learned that you don’t always have to start from scratch. Right now I’m using the wisdom, knowledge, and legwork of others to help further my process. By reworking old frames and interacting with clothes that are from different era’s with different styles, made of different materials. I’ve been able to save time and energy, while still efficiently creating opportunities for myself to learn, play, and experiment.

Below I’ve inserted some of the final jackets! They all have different inspirations. Let me know what you think. And more importantly thanks for reading! Stay blessed out there 🙂

Janus2face. 2022
X JACKET. 2022
Sienna. 2022

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