When do we become Death-Eligible?

60IN X 42IN. 2022

As we approach Juneteenth I think it’s important to remember that we are celebrating African-American freedom and denouncing African-American restraints that are put upon us as a people. It is a moment where we celebrate our wins and losses. There are countless brothers and sisters that should be standing with us and celebrating with us. Take time to reflect on their beautiful names and faces. United in Grief but Overwhelmed with Joy!🤎


When do we become death eligible? Is it as our bodies undergo transformation? No, that can’t be right because it would appear that some of us were marked for death long before we were allowed to be infants. When do we become death eligible? Is it right before we are pushed from our mothers’ wombs, before we are given a chance to let out a cry? No, because our mothers were also marked for death just for carrying us. What a burden to carry with the numbers up against you. Still you bring forth life. When do we become death eligible? If it’s not at the moment we are conceived, then it must be while we are still seeds circumambulating the reproductive organs of our fathers?


Michael Brown died unarmed in the street. Just eight days after graduating. Precious fruit spilled on barren land.

Less than ninety seconds passed from the time that Officer Wilson encountered Michael Brown to the time of his death. Yet his body laid in the street for four hours. A flagrant crime scene quickly became a reminder that our bodies can be taken from us. Almost eight years down the road we still say prayers for Michael. We say a prayer for his family. We say a prayer for the children who repeatedly see these violent reminders. We say a prayer for a country that needs healing. And we say a prayer for the soil that is forced to carry the weight of his body until his next life.

Rest in Power Michael Orlandus Darrion Brown Jr.


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