Past/Present Residency

I am currently fortunate enough to be participating in my second residency at Gallery Aferro.  My first go around in 2018/2019 consisted of an embrace of the unknown and an expansion of possibilities.  I shifted the focus of my work from painting to becoming engaged in large indoor and outdoor installations and sculptural projects. I was fortunate to be included in exhibitions and to meet many artists and curators.

Now my projects occupy real estate at the intersection of language, painting and social intervention as I sift through language, politics, class and my own transitional spaces and life events. Using painting, sculpture and printmaking, I form commentaries on cultural exigencies such as economic disparity, the dynamic nature of love, abandonment and isolation and the dysfunction of contemporary politics.

Ever since my first residency at Gallery Aferro, I focus on how I perceive my surroundings, and larger social forces, as they transform themselves into subject matter. Additionally, I see more clearly how my work is informed by the local constructs of public areas. 

My desire is to be continuously informed by varying circumstances of location. I want to allow for different types of public space and social forces to inform my work while finding ways to deploy my work back into those places. In this way, in the end, I seek to make work that is participatory. 

Right now I am working on large Rose paintings and later I will describe how I came to be connected to flowers as subject matter as well as how place, and a public area, have informed this work. 

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