A beautiful Imitation

Imitation (Detail) 2020 Mixed Media on Canvas

A portrait of Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie inspired by the short stories from her book “The Thing Around Your Neck” written in 2009. Chimamanda is a Nigerian writer whose works include novels, short stories and nonfiction.

In this novel Chimamanda explores the role’s that women are asked to play within their families, friendships, and marriages. During the private experience Nkem (the wife) makes several references to the Benin masks that her husband collects. Even though most of the masks that are in her possession are replicas. This acts as an allegory for the marriage where she continues to settle and be content with the constant imitation that are surrounding her. As her marriage progresses she begins to lose more and more of her voice every time she doesn’t speak up. Relying on her imagination to piece the rest of the parts together.

(Imitating the Nigerian Textiles)

While constructing this portrait of the author I began to use my imagination to piece together what will act as a Nigerian textile. The imitations that surrounds her will soon engulf her.

– Imitation.

PE 0017 Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
Mixed media on Canvas
41inx64in. 2022

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