1 – 800 – C A L L – M Y – B L U F F

1 – 800 – C A L L – M Y – B L U F F ☎️ is the 12th installment of Clothes with Character.

Call my Bluff (Front)
Call my Bluff (Back)

Inspired by Pusha T’s highly-anticipated fourth studio album, It’s Almost Dry. Produced entirely by Pharrell Williams and Kanye West.

Music has always been an integral part of my process and my day to day. The rhythms act as a force that allows me to react quickly, process information faster, or slower if need be. Listening to a single or an album is the quickest way to leave the world that your in and step into someone else’s creation.

I never had “buffalo shrimp from Mahi Mah’s” but I rap along like someone is going to bring it out with my next meal on a rose gold tray and feed me like the spoiled child I was in another life…

Call my Bluff (Detail)

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