bones to skin

The latest studio babies were born in spontaneity and joy! I found some bramble scraps on my way to making paper and I decided to experiment with them as armatures. As a papermaker, what is unique to the process is that beaten pulps have a short shelf life. There is a limited window of time I am able to use the natural fibers in their optimal state. Sometimes there is pressure to create art that can be archival, be suitable for exhibition, or to generate a piece that fits the high mark we set…

This time around, I was able to use my time for serious play, to investigate – free of production demands. It was a really great session. I am happy that I put these leftover pulps to good use. I learned about the materials and how I could apply it in other ways. I continue to weave with additional armatures. We’ll see how they turn out in the next few weeks!

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