Safe Passage III Screened on Governors Island

It was better than I expected. We planned to screen Safe Passage III twice in one day at Governors Island at ArtCrawl Harlem’s residency house. I ended up showing the short film four times, each time ending with Q & A and dialogue with the audience. I was especially struck when an African American family consisting of a mother, three teen girls and a sleeping toddler showed up. They joined late, left and came back so that they could see the film in its entirety. The mother encouraged the teens to discuss their impressions and left very thankful for the opportunity to have this discussion about safety.
Stay tuned for future screenings of Safe Passage III. For those of you who don’t already know, this is an ongoing film project which started at the height of the pandemic and social uprisings. In the film I document my son each year as he grows. It is a meditative experience from a mother’s point of view. I ask the question, is there a safe passage for the black body? View Safe Passage I
Artist Talk at ArtCrawl Harlem on Governors Island. Photo by Michael Womack

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