OK Memo

We lack real choices, so we get stuck saying OK. Like when the webpage tells us the cookies will follow us around for the rest of time, ok?

We might need something enough that we consent, even though we are not OK with what is happening. The screen says “CANCEL” but we say “OK”.

OK provides us with a low enough bar that it soothes away any feelings of an amoral situation. It has no no, like yes. But when is something NOT OK? 

School shootings, racial profiling, the far right? If we don’t become ok with these things on some level then we would be compelled to take strides to erase them, no? Are we just hitting the OK?

OK lives in its own vast unipolar world. The threshold for passage into this world is so low, opening up to wide range of possible stances and flimsy reasoning. 

I have been exploring the OK in paintings, collages and prints lately, going back to a painting I made five years’ ago. It is an open-ended exploration.

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