Rivers, Blocks, and Bridges to Newark Bay

In-process image of storefront window installation 

72” x 96” x 6” 

Plywood, acrylic paint, and LED lighting

Currently I’m developing a sculptural lighting installation for the storefront window of Gallery Aferro’s Market Street location that will utilize imagery of the street grid of Newark and the surrounding region combined with the path of the Passaic and Hackensack Rivers as they join to form Newark Bay. I’m interested in the curvilinear organic forms of the rivers contrasting visually with the geometric forms of the surrounding urban areas.  The currently unpainted structure in the image will be painted a consistent color scheme to be visible during the day. At night, the sculptural form will be back lit with two different LED lighting animations. One is designed to reference light reflecting on the surface of water. A second lighting effect of subtly blinking white, orange, and yellow light will be used to reference the appearance of street lights and lighted windows seen in the urban landscape at night.

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